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November 24th, 2018, 7:14 pm


Some Stuff About Names (in my comic)

I put this on my DA so I thought I should post it here too. Related, would people like me to post related artwork on occasion here as news posts, like I did with the Halloween picture? I don't really have much need for a news post otherwise.


Found this thing I typed up awhile ago. All of this has either already come up in the comic or is stuff I changed my mind on and never made it into the story.

    -Eckhart and Morhind both contain words for deer. A hart is an older male deer, and a hind is a female deer. Both of these terms are mostly used with red deer.
    -Herd names are said before the deer’s actual name, although herd names act as a sort of surname. New deer joining a herd take on the new herd name.
    -Rig’s name is a play both on something being rigged unfairly and also rigor mortis.
    -Rig’s herd name (Roswell) was originally going to be spelled as Rosewel. I changed it because it felt thematic to name her after a UFO incident given how she originally lied and said she was from a Star herd.
    -Eisendahl was originally going to be named Fen. The reason was that he was born weak but managed to grow into a healthy adult, which would lend to an idea of ‘you can defy the odds if you try hard enough’. This was dropped because the story went in a different direction but primarily because I didn’t like the idea of setting up rules and then immediately making exceptions to them (strong deer=longer name).
    -Helmir’s name was originally going to be Lortimer.
    -Originally deer would be given a name with two-syllables at birth, which they would then either keep as is, have shortened, or have made longer when they got older. This was too complicated and didn’t add anything so I dropped it.
    -On that note, Rig’s birth name would have been Rigan and Fen’s name Fenro.
    -Mihaels original name was going to be Mordren.
    -It’s rude to ask a deer for their name, which is why Rig was offended when Eisendahl asked her and also why Rhiker never asks after. Deer are supposed to give you their name when they feel ready, as a short name could be embarrassing and require trust.
    -I considered spelling Rig’s name as Rhig but then with Rhiker it seemed like it would be confusing.
    -Although I had finalized her name before the comic began, Rig was the last character for me to decide a name for.
    -The Widower does have an actual name; the wolves were two of the first to have finalized names.
    -I chose to have the Widower and Rig (the doe) be known only as their titles for as long as possible because it sets them almost outside the story. Titles make them sound less ‘real’ and more like the figures you’d hear named in a story.
    -Deer that have died are never referred to by their name after death. For example, Rhiker is referred to as Eisendahl’s sister. Having no names also means having no syllables, as a dead deer is the weakest kind of deer.
    - This is also why Rig does not use her name for a long time, because she’s technically dead and therefore has no name.
    -Deadwood also does not have a name. The word ‘deadwood’ refers to what the tree specifically is, basically like saying ‘elm tree’. That is also why deadwood isn’t capitalized in story.
    -Deadwood also doesn’t use names because the concept is foreign to them. They do, however, understand that names are apparently important to deer.

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November 24th, 2018, 7:27 pm


Is deadwood a possessed elm tree then, or is the tree the demon ?

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November 24th, 2018, 7:31 pm


The elm tree thing was just an example think of 'deadwood' like the name of a species. Deadwood is, itself, a demon. Specifically, a demon tree.

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November 25th, 2018, 10:22 pm


Grate job on the story line and the lore if it ♡

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November 25th, 2018, 11:44 pm


Hey, I have a character named Fenro in my comic (and actually is one of the main characters)! I will change his name if you want.
All my character names are 2 syllables, except for a few (though I might make their names longer, and use their current names as nicknames).

I like the idea of the deer using the number syllables for as a way to determine weakness or strength of a fawn. Quite cruel, but a neat aspect.

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